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"She’s easily one of the more original folk musicians that I’ve listened to out of the UK in 2019" - TOO MUCH LOVE Magazine

"Sera is on top of her game and serenading us like her life depends on it in this track, which I find to be among the best of the summer so far." - RAZORFISH

"it doesn’t require much more than a cursory listen to understand why its composer has been attracting the amount of hype that she has been this year." - VENTS Magazine

"Rabbit Hole’ feels good to the ears and lasting to the memory in ways one can’t describe but longs for more." - JAMMERZINE

Rabbit Hole  

Into the


Y Gost   

Once again working with producer Andi Crutwell-Jones, plus the notable contribution of Nico CJ on violin and Len Whitehead on Electric guitar makes a full-sounding, statement of a song that again blends all SERA's favourite parts of Americana, folk and pop with her storytelling and folklore album theme.

SWITCH is bolt out of the dark, a harsh awakening. Empowerment. The new single from the album (out on digital August 14th 2020, titled WHEN I WAKE UP) is SERA's boldest track. Her album songs are all drawn from folklore and SWITCH is no different, drawing inspiration from Steam punk, Frankenstein and the 'Freak Lab-accident' trope of the comic superhero. SERA's music is rooted in folk, Americana, singer-songwriter, with this track taking a further leap into energetic pop.



Out July 24th 2020

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